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"Coat Ultima - HSH-Technology -“ is one of servFaces´ most powerful hybrid silicon / polymer hard coatings, designed to provide optimum and permanent protection to coated surfaces.

Its molecular matrix structure forms a very thin non-stick layer with extreme dirt-repellency, resilience and hardness. This protective coating greatly enhances the gloss and color of the coated surface.

The high-performance particles In Coat Ultima - HSH-Technology - chemically bond to the surface and lie over the coating pores. They form a protective high-gloss coat after curing. This very simple type of surface optimization protects paint from damage caused by oxidation, salt and insects.

With the applied coating, the transparent coat becomes harder and more scratchproof than a conventional paint layer (approx. 60% - 65 %) due to the high-performance particles on the surface. New environmentally-friendly, water-soluble paints in particular are very soft when it comes to their composition. Even if you wash your car only by hand, wear marks (micro-scratches) occur after some time. They can be minimized or even prevented with Coat Ultima - HSH Technology.

Coat Ultima - HSH-Technology - prevents damage by caustic and acidic products in the pH range of 2 - 13 on the transparent coat. Coated surfaces retain their original appearance for a long time. The product is yellowing-proof and abrasion resistant.

The gloss guarantee is 5 - 10 years when used professionally!


Areas of application:

  • Modern paint systems with transparent coating
  • Gloss & matte coatings
  • Solvent stable Car Wrap- & splinter protection films 
  • Untreated plastic surfaces (Recommendation: Plastic Coat)



  • Long-term protection
  • Very high hydrophobic properties
  • Resistant to washing bays & stable gloss
  • Resistant to cleaning agents & environmental influences (pH 2 - 13)
  • UV resistant & environmentally stable
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Unique gloss & color depth 
  • Resistant to temperatures from -50°C to +890°C
  • Simple application



  • Clean the surface with Surface Cleaner Ultima followed by Surface Cleaner Neutra to neutralize It
  • Put the application cloth onto the applicator. 
  • Apply 12 - 18 drops of Coat Ultima - HSH-Technology - to the application cloth and spread the product quickly on the surface (a visible film should form) - Apply component by component and max. half of the hood.
  • Let the product dry for approx. 1 - 3 minutes (depending on the applied quantity, air humidity and ambient temperature)! The longer the product reaction on the coating, the greater the layer's thickness and the greater the protective and hydrophobic effects.
  • Remove surplus material with the first Special Coating Towel (in peripheral areas first, then work from the outside In with straight quick movements).
  • Take another fresh Special Coating Towel and polish the surface with a little pressure (in peripheral areas at first, then from the outside in with circular movements)
  • Should streaks still be visible, take another fresh Special Coating Towel and repeat the procedure until the streaks are not visible any longer (check with a light source).
  • Recoating with Coat Ultima - HSH-Technology -: possible after 20 minutes. Wait no longer than 35 minutes!

Caution: Do not apply the product in direct sunlight!



One layer of Coat Ultima - HSH-Technology - has a lifetime of approx. 30 - 36 months. To achieve a longer protection time, more layers can be applied (see the Use section). Each additional layer enhances the lifetime by a further 9 - 12 months.


Application temperature: +15°C to +35°C

Consumption: 3 - 5 ml per m²

Weatherproof after: after 18 - 24 h

Fully cured after: after 9 - 10 days

pH resistance: pH 2 - 13

Storage temperature: +10°C to +25°C

Storage and shelf life: At least 12 months at ambient temperature in tightly sealed original container stored upright

Caution: Protect the product from direct sunlight and freezing temperatures! 



Emulsions and coating products need a certain period of time to bind to the surface and fully cure after application. Therefore, please check the curing time of individual products. Only this can guarantee that the product provides the desired benefits. Direct exposure of the surface to water or cleaning agents after application can significantly reduce the performance of the product properties.


General information about the product:

Factors such as the type of coating system, paint condition, product processing (preliminary cleaning, application temperature, curing time), etc., can influence the product's effectiveness and lifetime. Therefore, fluctuations of product properties cannot be excluded.

Product information

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