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A top-quality waffle weave microfiber towel perfect for cleaning car windows and other glass surfaces.

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Introducing the ZEPHYR Waffle Towel, a top-quality waffle weave microfiber towel perfect for cleaning car windows and other glass surfaces. The unique waffle structure of this towel ensures that it leaves no scratches, streaks, or stains on the glass surface. Made from highly absorbent microfiber material, it effectively absorbs excess water from the cleaned surface. The towel’s compact size and density of 400g/m2 make it perfect for hand cleaning upholstery and other interior car surfaces. With a size of 35/35cm, the ZEPHYR Waffle Towel is a must-have for anyone looking for a premium microfiber cleaning solution. Optimize your car cleaning routine with this exceptional product!

Size – 35 / 35cm
Density – 400g / m2
Waffle microfiber structure
Compact size

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