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The car exterior wash kit by Innovacar is designed to give you all the products and some accessories required to wash your car professionally and thoroughly.

Standard kit includes:

- 100% Degreasing 500 ml: Car cleaner degreaser
- SP1 Prewash 1000 ml: Car shampoo and prewash detergent
- S2 Foamy Color Pink 1000 ml: Car shampoo with pink foam
- SC1 Sealant 100 ml: solvent-based quick sealant for car detailing
- Wool Wash Mitt Long: Long pile wool car wash mitt
- Micron XXL: Microfibre Cloth for car drying
- FREE - S1Wash & Coat 100 ml: Nanotechnological self-polishing protective shampoo for cars

100% Degreasing

When washing car exteriors in Car Detailing, and in some other cases, it is always recommended to use a universal degreaser which can help with all types of stubborn dirt!

100% Degreasing is the ideal product by Innovacar for a strong degreasing action to remove the dirt on your car.

It is suitable for rims, tyres, insects, rubber mats, external seals, plastics and the engine compartment.

For further details on the products, directions for use and safety information, you may find in-depth information on the specific data sheet: 100% Degreasing Innovacar

SP1 Prewash

Car prewash is an important phase of detailing and it takes place without touching the car.

SP1 Prewash by Innovacar is the ideal prewash product, that can eliminate a large amount of dirt in touchless mode.

If used, it facilitates the following manual car wash phase, reducing the amount of dirt to be eliminated.

For further details on the products, directions for use and safety information, you may find in-depth information on the specific data sheet:SP1 Prewash Innovacar

Pink S2 Foamy

Car exteriors can be washed in a bath of colours and perfume!

Pink S2 Foamy is the ideal product by Innovacar to have a car detailing shampoo with neutral ph and a super coloured and scented active foam.

SC1 Sealant

SC1 Sealant is the ideal product by Innovacar for protect your car with a nanotechnological treatment that is quick and easy to apply.

The protective effect lasts up to 4 months if applied alone on the car after being cleaned properly with SP1 Prewash and S2 Foamy. The protection can last up to 8 months, if combined with W1 Quick Detailer used 20 minutes after the first application of SC1 Sealant and maintained over time with H20 Coat, every 3 washes.

Wool Wash Mitt Long

Wool Wash Mitt Long by Innovacar is the long pile wool and natural fibre car wash mitt that guarantees safety, softness and comfort.

It is a great solution for washing the top part of the car, finding the correct mix of gentleness and cleaning needs.

Micron XXL

Micron XXL by Innovacar is the 70 x 90 microfibre cloth for car drying, designed specifically to dry large surfaces quickly.

Furthermore, the microfibre that composes the cloth has a high drying capacity, suitable for absorbing a large amount of water in a short time without leaving marks or stains.

S1 Wash&ampCoat

S1 Wash&ampCoat from Innovacar is the ideal product for an advanced cleaning solution that reduces the number of steps required during the washing or maintenance of a previously treated car.

It is a three-in-one shampoo to wash, clean, seal and protect in a single treatment and provides water-resistance and shine to the treated car.


1. Perform a touchless prewash using SP1 Prewash (with suitable dilution) spraying or         nebulizing it on the whole vehicle.
2. Then rinse with high pressure water;
3. 100% Degreasing may be used when stubborn dirt is present to clean rims, tyres, the        engine and surfaces where the door shuts. Spray the product directly on the surface        and leave it to act for a few minutes, then rinse. In the presence of heavy duty dirt,            consider using a brush to treat the affected area or a 300-350 GSM microfibre;
4. Wash with S2 Foamy colour, the product can be applied with the two-bucket method      or with a foam gun or a manual precompression pump. Use the Wool Wash Mitt in          order to be gentle on every surface;
5. If the vehicle was already treated or for additional protection, use S1 Wash&Coat      included for free in the kit for the washing phase. In this case, wash the vehicle by            area and rinse often;
6. Proceed to the drying phase with Micron XXL microfibre cloth;
7. Then proceed apply 2-3 sprays of SC1 Sealant on the low pile microfibre cloth                  proceeding by applying the product horizontally from right to left all over the area          and then start again vertically, from top to bottom, along the same area. Go over the        surface again with a medium/long fibred microfibre cloth with circular movements,          turning it over often to remove any excess. Wait up to 7 hours after the application          for complete activation. The effect lasts up to 4 months.

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