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The clay bar and mechanical decontamination kit by Innovacar is the ideal solution to have all the products and accessories required to prepare the car for the polishing and protection process in the best way possible.

It is specifically recommended to remove dirt trapped in the superficial layer of paint such as rids (random isolated deeper scratches) or swirls (circular scratches) and prepare the surface before any polishing operation.

Standard kit includes:

- DL Lube 500 ml: Clay Bar Lubrificant
- Soft Blue Clay Bar: Soft clay bar;
- Medium Yellow Clay Bar: Medium hardness clay bar;
- Micron 2Face: Doubleface microfibre cloth with short pile on one side and long pile on    the other;
- FREE - Ds Scale 100 ml: Shampoo and Decontaminant for Limestone and Acid Rain;

DL Lube:

Lubricating the bodywork that must be mechanically decontaminated is vital in order to preserve paint and facilitate the removal of contaminants.

DL Lube by Innovacar is the ideal product to correctly lubricate the treated surface, supporting the action of the clay bars.

It may also be used to preserve the durability of the clay bars by using it on the clay bar after use and during every car detailing operation which requires lubrication.

Soft Blue Clay Bar:

The Soft Blue Clay Bar by Innovacar is the softest clay bar of our line and it is suitable for the decontamination of delicate surfaces such as cars with paint to be preserved or vintage cars.

It can be used on different types of contaminations such as traffic film, bug residues, resin, brake lining and all of the impurities on the car.

Medium Yellow Clay Bar:

The Medium Yellow Clay Bar by Innovacar is the clay bar that represents the best solution to use in most cases, especially before polishing.

Micron 2Face:

Choosing the correct cloth is important for an optimal final result.

Micron 2Face by Innovacar is the ideal solution because it is a doubleface microfibre cloth for car detailing with short pile on one side and long pile on the other.

The short pile microfibre side of the cloth is suitable for cleaning, applying and removing sealants, waxes, sprays and quick detailer.

The long pile microfibre side of the cloth is suitable for delicate operations such as finishing or buffing.

Free Product - DS Scale:

Limestone is a contaminant that can damage the car’s bodywork by penetrating deep into the paint layers and causing visible defects. Furthermore, it can deposit on protective and nanotechnological layers applied to the bodywork, interfering and decreasing performance.

DS Scale by Innovacar is the ideal product to counter the typical water and limestone stains that deposit on the car’s bodywork, headlights, hard plastics and windows.

It can be used both as a decontaminant and a maintenance shampoo.


To perform an effective mechanical decontamination, you must proceed on a perfectly clean car.

It is recommended to place the vehicle in a well-lit area, but not under direct sunlight and away from wind.

For a better result, wash the surfaces using our DS SCALE decontaminating shampoo, included for free in the kit, in order to remove any limestone contaminations.

1. Evaluate the health conditions of the car paint to be decontaminated and select the        most suitable clay bar accordingly. The medium clay bar is preferable if the bodywork      shows major defects, while the soft clay bar is preferable on paints with few defects or      old paint
2. Spray undiluted DL Lube on the work area (30x30 cm) and on the clay bar being used
    Hold the clay bar firmly with your fingers and perform horizontal and vertical                    movements in the delineated area until the braking effect of the dirt disappears
3. Turn the clay bar often during application and reapply product when the accumulated      dirt may interfere with decontamination
4. After decontaminating the treated area, eliminate excess lubricant using Micron 2F
5. After completing the application, proceed with the
    polishing or protecting phase by means of waxes or sealants

Precautions: Never mechanically decontaminate non-painted plastics and rubber and if a piece of clay bar falls on the floor it must be thrown away.

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