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The car detailing starter kit by Innovacar is designed to allow you to approach the first phases of car detailing and washing and try the products of the line.

It is recommended for prewash which can be performed with SP1 Prewash, wash with S2 Foamy, quick finish with W1 Quick Detailer and dressing of plastics and tyres with SC2 Dressing.

Standard kit includes:

- SP1 Prewash 100 ml: Car shampoo and prewash detergent.
- S2 Foamy 100 ml: Active foam shampoo with neutral PH.
- W1 Quick Detailer 100 ml: Quick car cleaner with polishing and protective effects.
- Micron Wash Mitt: Microfiber mitt for car washing.
- Micron 2Face: Double-faced microfiber cloth with short pile on one side and long pile       on the other.
- FREE - SC2 Dressing 100 ml: Regenerator for plastics, vinyl, leather, rubber, acrylics       materials and leather.

SP1 Prewash:

Car prewash is an important phase of detailing, and it takes place without touching the car.

SP1 Prewash by Innovacar is the ideal prewash product, that can eliminate a large amount of dirt in touchless mode. If used, it facilitates the following manual car wash phase, reducing the amount of dirt to be eliminated. 

S2 Foamy:

S2 Foamy is the product by Innovacar most suitable for a correct car detailing manual wash phase thanks to its active foam and lubrication.

Furthermore, it has a neutral PH ideal for preserving bodywork surfaces treated with coating and preserve and prolong applied protective and nanotechnological films.

It is recommended to use it with the two-bucket method, but it may also be used with specific dilutions with the manual precompression pump and the foam lance.

Micron Wash Mitt:

Micron Wash Mitt by Innovacar is the ideal double-faced microfiber mitt for car washing.

Thanks to its microfiber strands it is able to safely capture dirt and the foam layer provides a high degree of water absorption, facilitating washing by hand.

Micron 2Face:

Choosing the correct cloth is important for an optimal final result.

Micron 2Face by Innovacar is the ideal solution because it is a double-faced microfiber cloth for car detailing with short pile on one side and long pile on the other.

The short pile microfiber side of the cloth is suitable for cleaning, applying and removing sealants, waxes, sprays and quick detailer.

The long pile microfiber side of the cloth is suitable for delicate operations such as finishing or buffing.

For further details on the products and directions for use, you may find in-depth information on the specific data sheet: Micron 2Face Innovacar

Free Product - SC2 Dressing:

SC2 Dressing is the ideal product by Innovacar for dressing, renovate and regenerate internal and external car components, such as plastics, vinyl, leather, rubber and acrylic materials that are worn over time and by atmospheric effect.

For further details on the products, directions for use and safety information, you may find in-depth information on the specific data sheet: SC2 Dressing Innovacar


The standard detailing washing phases consist of prewash, wash and drying.

1. Start with a prewash, which removes most of the dirt: it is a touchless operation, therefore the SP1 Prewash product (with suitable dilution) must be applied with a trigger or sprayer on the whole vehicle, including the tyres.
2. Then rinse with high pressure water.
3. Continue with the washing phase, using a combination of S2 Foamy with the Micron Wash Mitt: it is important to always start from the top of the vehicle, moving downwards.
4. Then rinse with high pressure water.
5. Proceed to the drying phase of the vehicle.
6. Then proceed with the exterior surface finishing phase using W1 Quick Detailer,   spraying the product directly on the short pile side of Micron 2F. After the application   you may proceed with finishing using the long pile side.
7. At the end of the washing phase, proceed with SC2 Dressing for the regeneration of   external plastics and rubbers or tyres by applying 2-3 sprays of the product on a clean   short pile microfiber cloth or pad and proceed by applying the product horizontally   from right to left all over the area and then start again vertically, from top to bottom,   covering the entire area.

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